Palo Santo Bundle


Palo Santo (Holy Wood) is a aromatic tree native to South America. When burned , Palo Santo releases a fragrant smoke that is sweet with hints of vanilla, mint and citrus . Many believe that the smell is calming, relieves stress, uplifts energy and aids spiritual purification. Great to burn before meditation, to clear your mind and focus on concentration or just to freshen air.

Our Palo Santo is not cut from live trees. It is sustainably sourced from dry tropical forests of Peru, where it is gathered from fallen branches. Please keep in mind that due to the natural variation in the wood, each stick will vary in size and density. 

The Palo Santo has a resinous quality, the embers will self extinguish after a few minutes. This means the wooden incense can be relit and enjoyed many times. 

***Remember to always follow fire safety practices when burning and burn on fire safe dishes. Don’t leave Palo Santo burning unattended ***


Length per stick : approximately 4"

5 sticks per bundle 

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