Eleven Eleven - Lovers Muti Color Button Down Shirt


Call in a colorful 2022 with a hand painted – miniature tie dye – silk shirt & a signed 8 color risograph print by artist and designer Somnath Bhatt.

This week each shirt ordered will come with a limited edition print.

(Only 35 available!)

Printed at risograph nyc on milkweed paper

This statement shirt is made from fine mulberry silk - embellished by a Bandhani texture and hand painted in multiple colours. This statement shirt is the perfect way to set the tone for the New Year.

Somnath hails from the state of Gujarat in West India - and exists between India and USA - sharing the same terroir as the resist dye technique ‘Bandhani’ and the communities that bring the shirt to life.

Bandhani is derived from the Sanskrit term bandh or to tie - it’s a resist tie-dye fabric embellishment practice achieved through the plucking of the cloth into tiny temporary bindings forming a motif that is revealed after over dyeing and removing the meticulously tied threads.

All colors are achieved with organic ingredients indigenous to the landscape of India - natural dyes are safe for our skin and our waterways.

- Pit to Pit : 26 inches on the flat

- 28 inches/ 71 cm is the length of the garment.

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