Fuefuki Teacup Drums

This Fuefuki teacup collection was influenced by the Kutani Chomon style. Kutani Chomon was founded in 1879 in Ishikawa, Japan, and they have been making tableware and tea ceremony utensils for over 130 years. The Fuefuki collection is a modern take on the traditional Kutani craft. The whimsical motif of the subject matter is hand painted with the classic Kutani cobalt blue glaze. Each teacup is signed and comes in a handmade wooden box made from the Fir wood. Collect them all !
  • Designer/Maker: Kutani Chomon
  • Origin: Ishikawa, Japan
  • Materials: Porcelain
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Cup size: 2.3/4" x 3.3/8" or 70mm x 82mm
  • Box size: 3.1/2" x 4.3/4" x 3.7/8"

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