Incausa - Palo Santo Incense - Pack of 6


Hand wrapped with traditional Nepalese lokta paper. The Incausa Palo Santo with Breu Resin incense is bundled in packs of 6. The Breu resin is extracted from the Almacega tree of the Amazon rainforest. The scared breu resin is used in healing rituals to ward of negativity and to create good energy. Blended with charcoal the Breu resin activates when lit which creates beautiful milky smoke and peaceful scent. Fair trade

 **Attention - Burn incense on fire safe/ heat resistant dish

**Each incense stick is approximately 50 min burn.

**We recommend  the  brass cube incense holder stand for this type incense, as it is heavier then your traditional incense


  • Origin: Brazil 
  • Materials: Breu Resin and Palo Santo
  • Size:  Length per stick 5.5"


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