Iroe Small Plate


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The Iroe Small Plates are made in Hasami, Japan. Based on the hues and styles of the Enpo period, these pieces combine modern pets with traditional patterns. Slight variation in patterns may occur.

The "deer maple leaf pattern" has long been used in various handicrafts as a pattern to express the autumnal atmosphere. The lively pattern of deer has been transformed into a happy, frolicking pug.

Exotic Shorthair Cat
In place of the tiger, which is used to ward off evil, a sharp-eyed exotic shorthair cat is placed in the "tree and flower pattern". It watches over the house as a guardian deity.

Pygmy Hedgehog
The traditional "grape squirrel pattern" is considered an auspicious and lucky pattern, meaning fertility, abundance, and longevity. The squirrel, which resembles a mouse and is considered a good omen for fertility, has been transformed into a cute pygmy hedgehog.

  • Designer/Maker:  Kyowa Tensha, Nishiyama
  • Origin: Hasami, Japan
  • Materials: Porcelain
  • Size: Diameter 4.1 Inches; Height 0.5 Inches
  • Care: Microwave safe. DO NOT put in dishwasher

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