Mr. Chung Incense - Sencha


Mr. Chung incense are designed in New York City and made Japan. The incense are made from expert craftsman with skills passed down from generations.  Each incense combines natural ingredients used since the 1850s with natural oils. The collection is designed to stimulate your nostalgic senses. Each scent evokes relaxation, warmth, and calm.

*Sencha = Fresh Green Tea 

*We recommend the brass cube incense holder stand for this type incense.

  • Designer: Mr. Chung 
  • Origin: Designed in Nyc and Made in Japan
  • 30 incense sticks, Each stick is 20 min burn time 
  • Materials: 100% natural ingredients 
  • Directions: light the end of the incense stick, gently blow out the flame, plant the stick in a heat resistant incense holder or a bowl of sand, position incense holder on stable flat surface and keep away from drapes, open windows or drafty areas.
  • Warning: do not leave burning stick unattended; keep away from children, animals and flammable materials never store incense in high temperature, high humidity or direct sunlight, do not ingest incense.

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