Takazawa Candle Nanao T


Established in 1892, the Takazawa candle is made in Nanao, Japan.
Each candle is hand made with wax from the sumac tree. The special wax is eco friendly and when extinguished the candles releases less odor and smoke. The wick is thicker than the standard western candles as they are made from a combination of washi paper, rush weed and silk fiber. When lit the flame are bigger and brighter than traditional candles.

 **Stand is NOT included with the candle .

**This candle fits in the Takazawa candle koma stand

  • Origin: Nanao, Japan 
  • Materials: Sumac wax, rush weed, Washi paper, silk fiber
  • Height: 4. 3/4" inch tall 
  • Burn Time: approximately 120 min each 
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended 

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