Tsuki Usagi - Slim Pot - 1.2L - White


Tsuki Usagi is a brand developed by Fujii Co. Ltd in 1926. Tsuki Usagi is famous for manufacturing enamel homeware and kitchenware. The products are carefully hand crafted by experienced artisans.

The stylish slim pot is designed with a narrow spout, perfect for drip coffee. The narrow spout allows you to pour hot water from a higher point to create a smoother thin stream which gives better control when pouring.  This is an important step in making the perfect cup of drip coffee.

  • Designer/Maker: Tsuki Usagi
  • Origin: Japan
  • Materials: Enamelware 
  • Dimensions in inches: 7. 3/4" Tall  (1.2 L / 40oz)
  • Do not Microwave 
  • Handles can get hot - Be careful

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